Waves , the well renowned national level techno management symposium is being held every year and entices more than 5000 participants from around the globe. It is a platform for the students to gain insight of the contemporary technical contraptions providing them an opportunity to triumph in this fast pacing digital world. Events on management also expose them to the enterprising world of entrepreneurship. A chance for the geeks to take a plunge on innovation and an opportunity for the pompous nerds to be exposed to contemporary advancements in technology is what makes WAVES one of the most inquisitive event to be marked in the calendar. The accomplishment of 20+ events and 4+ workshops in an interim of 3 days for the transcended minds is what makes our tagline a reality.


College Of Engineering, Guindy-Anna University, is India’s venerable meritorious engineering and technical institution established in 1794. The ostentatious university was named after C N Annadurai, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on September 4 1978. In 2001 it became an affiliating university, manipulating all engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. The university takes pride in fostering highly elated people like A P J Abdul Kalam(former president of India), Sujatha Rangarajan(writer), Venu Srinivasan(Chairman of Sundaram-Clayton Limited and TVS motor company), Upendra J Chivukula (American Politician) and other such flamboyant personalities.

Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(SEEE), though a small fraternity, takes the onus of all the student related activities with impeccable probity and takes the privilege in acting as a candle of light under any ordeal. The technical symposiums like Ripples, Waves are solely dependent on the labour of SEEE and we perform it with the fullest commitment. The society instigates leadership quality in students enabling them to deal things at any situation which exemplifies the unity and compassion among the peers which makes us completely impervious. The society’s envisage is to maintain equity among each and every student studying in CEG without any prejudice , allowing us to break the shackles of depravity and to embellish our college with pristine mind.

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