About Us

Department of EEE

College of Engineering Guindy (the oldest Technical Institution in India, started by British in 1794) was first to introduce B.E. course in Electrical Engineering (1932). The Department of EEE has been a pioneer in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with core Research and Development in Power Apparatus and Systems for many decades.

Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

More than 80 years have passed since the inauguration of the E.E.E dept in CEG but consistently the department produces talented and skilled engineers who occupy a respected great position in the society. This group will serve as an online platform for exchange of ideas,latest research topics,industrial requirements in the electrical and electronics engineering sector amongst the prestigious alumni and current students of the department.Latest updates on the happenings in the department and student activities would be made available by the current students.


WAVES 2019, 37th edition, is an inter-college symposium conducted by EEE department of CEG, Anna University, Chennai and is the perfect battleground for technical minds with enthralling events and state of the art workshops. We have had companies like General Electric, BGR Energy, L&T, Kappa, etc. that have conducted workshops and sponsored for several events in the previous years and have also assured us to show their support in the years to come. We have witnessed the participation of around 1000+ students since the inception of Waves. Our program aims to reach every engineer across the nation and commit ourselves to give back to our participants the best educational experience possible.