Have you ever been called a chatterbox? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is talk, talk and talk. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to speak as much as you want.
If you’re good at speaking and expressing your thoughts, please do come and participate.


Round-1 : Participants will be asked to pick a lot with a number of topics. They’ll have to prepare for 2 minutes and then speak for 3-5 minutes.
Round-2: The top 6 contestants from 1 st round will get to go to the next round. If you’re a fan of Maathi Yosi from Athu Idhu Ethu, then you’ll enjoy this round. Each participant will be given a topic and they’ll be asked unrelated questions. However, they have to connect it to the topic and answer.
Spontaneous thinking and framing sentences will make you the winner of this game.

Rules and Regulations

1. This event is an individual event.
2. Participants must complete the given questions within the given time.
3. High-scoring contestants will be promoted to the next round.
4. The organizers decision will be final.
5. There will be a strict time frame and it should be followed.




Shivani - 73585 58261
Mark Ronald - 82204 02890