“The proper artistic response to digital technology is to embrace it as a new window on everything that’s eternally human, and to use it with passion, wisdom, fearlessness and joy” -Ralph Lombreglia


   If technology interests you, then this is your go-to event to test all your digital wits. This event is specifically crafted to give you the immersive platform that allows you to showcase and evaluate your skills in digital technology. So all those digital geeks out there, here is your arena to battle with bits and wits.


Round-1 : This round will be a pen and paper round to test your knowledge about Digital Electronics.
Round-2 : This round will test on how you apply the digital concepts.
Round-3 : Will be announced on spot.

Rules and Regulations

1. The team must have minimum 2 or maximum 3 members.
2. Participants need not be necessarily from the same institution.
3. All students must have a WAVES ID to participate.
4. Organizers decision will be final.
5. Teams which involve in any kind of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.




Saravanan - 99520 34154
Naveen - 99521 21619