Do you have what it takes to be a spelling champion? Show off your spelling and vocabulary skills by trying your luck here. Buzz your way with spellings and spontaneous games to claim your prize.


You don't have to be a pro to win this event. Come and participate to learn and experience the power of spellings.
Round-1 :  Participants will be attending a written test in which questions related to spellings in the form of crossword puzzles, jumbled words, opposites etc. will be asked.
Round-2 :  The top 4 contestants from 1 st round will get to play in a fun-filled board game with many twists and turns. Guess what? It'll all be related to spellings.

Rules and Regulations

1. This event is an individual event.
2. Participants must complete the given questions within the given time.
3. High-scoring contestants will be promoted to the next round.
4. The organizers decision will be final.
5. Dictionaries are not allowed. Writing material will be provided at the venue.




Mary Jeana - 73585 28450
Ranjith - 98415 32473