“If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them”-Erno Rubik
    Do you like solving puzzles? It yes, then this is the event which you would not want to miss. Waves ‘18’s Scotland Yard event is packed with such mind-boggling riddles, conundrums and much more mysteries for you to solve, that too in the real life situations to give you the ultimate Sherlock feel. So put on your thinking hats and be there to witness the ultimate puzzle solving experience.


It is a puzzle solving event. The event consists of two rounds, with the preliminary round being pen and paper round with questions consisting of cryptics, brain twisters, puzzles and riddles. Based on the scores in the preliminary round, teams are called upon for the second round. In the second round the teams will have to search for real-life clues hidden in the yard given, connect them and solve the puzzle. The winner and runner up are decided based on the scores obtained.


1. In the event of a tie game organizers may conduct a tie breaker the way it deems fit.
2. A team can have a maximum of 3 people.
3. Organizers decision is final.
4. Cross-college teams are also allowed.
5. The final round task may involve some small on the spot innovations.




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