Are you wise enough to escape from the prison of Alcatraz? Does your mind work amazingly fast even in difficult situations? Do you think you have a good presence of mind? Then come and crack the way to escape from the Alcatraz of Waves '18.It is an event with totally three rounds. Questions will be logical and creative.


Round-1 : A general pen and paper round testing the logical and creative skills.
Round-2 : This involves challenging tasks to be done by properly selecting required logistics on your own.
Round-3 The final round is to solve the mystery. Each team will be locked inside a room with a mysterious crime scene. You have to find the hidden clues and solve the mystery to get out of the room.

Rules and Regulations

1. Usage of mobiles or any internet accessible device is strictly prohibited.
2. Each team must contain 2 to 4 members.
3. Winners will be selected based on time and points.
4. Organizers' decision is the final.
5. Inter-college teams are also allowed.




Suvetha - 75985 11225
Sindhukavi - 90476 37182