Machines and Humans at war!!! Join us in this battle of brains and show us your caliber by outwitting the machines in the smartest way possible.You may never know, this may turn out to be YOUR EVENT too.


The questions for all the rounds will be based on basics of machines and power electronics.
Round-1 :  The first round will be a pen and paper test which will deal with logical reasoning questions based on the above mentioned domains.
Round-2 :  This is a rapid fire pen and paper round to test the practical knowledge wherein the participants will have to answer a series of questions which will be displayed within the specified time.
Round-3 :  The shortlisted teams will be asked to design the solution of a given real life problem and integrate the same using an appropriate converter.

Rules and Regulations

1. A team can have maximum of 3 members.
2. The team must have valid Waves ID to participate.
3. Both electrical and non-electrical students are welcome to participate.
4. Any malpractice would result in disqualification of the team.
5. Organizers decision will be final.




Aadarsh - 88074 12170
Jeevitha - 94459 03056