Do you believe that you can make life simpler with the technology we possess? If the answer is yes then this event will be perfect for you to challenge yourself with the project you’ve always wanted to do and to know what the experts think about it. Send us your abstracts and start building your project models to display it to the world because the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and this could be your first one.

Rules and Regulations

1. If the formal abstracts of the projects don’t reach us within the deadline, those projects will not be entertained for display.
2. A team can have a maximum of 4 people. Lone wolves are also allowed.
3. The project must be a working model.
4. Decision of the judges is final and non-negotiable.
5. The domain of the project should be electrical or electronics.
6. Submission of formal abstract of the project you are working on or before 28 of February to
7. The second part is where the working model of the projects is to be displayed during Waves’18.
8. The winner is chosen purely based on the decision of the judges.




Rahul - 81100 59563
Ramnandha - 99525 55203