Bored of TV commercials that you see on TV? Do you think that ads can be made better?
Then ADZAP is the platform for you. We will tell you the product, you sell it. Exhibit your creativity skills by enacting an advertisement for the given topic within given time with humor, innovativeness and originality.
Showcase the world of commercialism live! Show us how good you are as a marketer!

Rules and Regulations

1. Teams with minimum 3 members and maximum 4 members are only allowed.
2. Cross college teams are also allowed.
3. Participants will be given slots on first come first serve basis.
4. There will be 2 rounds conducted for this event.
5. Time limit is 5 minutes.
6. Only English and Tamil are allowed.
7. Vulgarity in any form will lead to immediate disqualification.
8. Organizers decision is final.




Sujith - 97914 12931
Janani - 90030 18566