Crazy about circuits? Do the words resistors, rheostats, inductors keep echoing in your head? Does the very word "circuit" give you chills? This is the perfect event for you to flaunt your electrical skills! Come to Circuit Craze and get engrossed in deep concepts pertaining to your electrical engineering.


Round-1 : Pen and Paper
It consists of reasoning type questions.
Round-2 :  Technical crossier
This round will test your puzzle solving skills with a crossword full of technical terms.
Round-3 :  Mock action
Design your very own circuit with given components within a limited time.

Rules and Regulations

1. The team must have two - three members.
2. Participants need not be necessarily from the same institution.
3. All students must have a valid waves ID to participate.
4. The decision taken by the organizers will be final.




Nithish J - 75022 50901
Sureka R - 85260 12147